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New scorpion antivenom drug approved by the FDA

The FDA approved this month for the first time ever a new antivenom, Anascorp, used to treat Centruroides scorpion stings. These scorpion stings are especially dangerous to kids and can cause blurred speech, blurry vision, difficulty swallowing,even fluid in the lungs leading to breathing problems. This drug makes history by being the first drug developed in Latin America (Mexico) and approved by the FDA.  It’s also the first drug approved by the FDA to treat this type of Scorpion sting.  Anascorp is made from the  plasma of horses immunized with scorpion venom.  98% of the children treated with this drug in clinical trials had their symptoms resolved in 4 hours or less.  This is a huge difference from the prior treatment which often involved keeping kids in the ICU for days!