Where do you spend most of your time in the grocery store?

Here’s one thing I have noticed about the grocery store.  The healthiest foods are located around the periphery of the store.  That’s where the dairy, meats, fruits and vegetables are found.  The aisles are typically filled with pre-packaged, processed carbohydrates and bad fats.  Think about your trips to the grocery store- do you find most of the items on your list around the periphery in the produce and refrigerated sections or do you spend most of your time weaving your way through the aisles?  More “aisle time” probably reflects the amount of unhealthy food you are stocking your pantry with which almost certainly reflects what you are eating.  Except for an occasional trip to an aisle for a specific item like beans or legumes for example, try spending your next trip to the grocery store only around the periphery and notice the difference in what’s in your refrigerator when you get home.

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